Little River Real Estate

Once a haven for shipwrecked pirates, Little River South Carolina is one of the oldest settlements along the coast of the Low Country. With tales of buried treasure and pirates who sought refuge after adversity on the high seas, this area is rich in history and has preserved its natural beauty and environment as development began to grow.

Located close to the North Carolina/South Carolina border, Little River is just a stone’s throw from North Myrtle Beach and less than 5 minutes from Cherry Grove Beach. Far removed from the bustle of Myrtle Beach, life is a little slower, a little quieter in Little River. Featuring several golf communities, the Little River area also has condos, townhouses and affordable homes either on the water or close to water access, perfect for boaters and yachters.

Little River is home to the Big M Casino ships, the only legalized gambling opportunity in South Carolina. Little River also plays host to some of the best festivals in the area – the Little River Blue Crab Festival, which traditionally takes place every May and a Shrimp and Jazz festival.

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