Loris Real Estate

Loris, South Carolina, is a quaint city in Horry county with plenty of southern charm and historic ambiance. This city is located inland in the northernmost part of Myrtle Beach, about 5 miles from the North/South Carolina border. The interest in this area continues to grow for homebuyers. The story of Loris dates back to the late 1880s. At the time, timber and turpentine were fueling the economy in Wilmington, NC. By 1887, the railroad was owned by the Chadbourn Lumber Company, who landed just west of the rail line right-of-way for a depot. This is how Loris came to be.

This depot was named “Loris” although there is some confusion about how this area got its name. Different members of the Chadbourn family say they came up with the name for a novel, while others say it was named after their family dog. Either way, Loris is a one-of-a-kind city in Horry county, the largest county in South Carolina. Today you will find shops, restaurants, and a local farmers market offering fresh produce and baked goods. The area’s claim to fame is the annual “Bog Off” inspired by the local dish, chicken bog.

Chicken bog is a combination of flavors, with the recipe calling for chicken, rice, sausage, and spices. Loris is so proud of their chicken bog recipe, they bring in thousands of people from all over the country to attend the annual “Bog Off” in October every year. Here, you will enjoy a variety of amusements, vendors, live music, a petting zoo, fireworks, and more. Loris is only about 40 minutes away from all of the excitement in Myrtle Beach, making it the perfect place for those who wish to live in a quieter area on the Grand Strand. Here, you will experience all of the rich history, delicious cuisine, and hospitality that can only be found in this amazing city.

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