Lena Springs Estates

Leland Real Estate for Sale – Lena Springs Estates


Real Estate for Sale in Lena Springs Estates

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Olde Towne

Leland Real Estate for Sale – Olde Towne


Real Estate for Sale in Olde Towne

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Leland Homes for Sale – Winnabow


Homes for Sale in Winnabow

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Windsor Park

Leland Homes for Sale – Windsor Park


Homes for Sale in Windsor Park

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Windermere Estates

Leland Homes for Sale – Windermere Estates


Homes for Sale in Windermere Estates


Leland Homes for Sale – Westport


Homes for Sale in Westport

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Leland Homes for Sale – Westgate


Homes for Sale in Westgate

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Wedgewood at Lanvale

Leland Homes for Sale – Wedgewood at Lanvale


Homes for Sale in Wedgewood at Lanvale

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Waterford of the Carolinas

Leland Homes for Sale – Waterford of the Carolinas

Almost every homesite in Waterford of the Carolinas is located on the water! Waterford has the feel of a private community with all the amenities you could need such as a clubhouse with a large outdoor pool, fitness center, picnic area, playground, walking trails, fishing areas, and tennis courts. There are Village Shoppes located within the community offer boutiques, a grocery store, restaurants and medical offices.

Wilmington is only a short drive from Waterford of the Carolinas with plenty of activities for the whole family. Wrightsville Beach and Oak Island are only 30 minutes away with beautiful beaches!

Homes for Sale in Waterford of the Carolinas

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Waterberry Plantation

Leland Homes for Sale – Waterberry Plantation


Homes for Sale in Waterberry Plantation

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